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Larry Cerqua ‘Speaks for Himself’


“It’s in my blood,” says Larry Cerqua. The broker and OREA Real Estate instructor is still excited about real estate even after more than 30 years in the profession. “It’s been awesome. It’s rewarding. It’s given me unbelievable amounts of energy.”

Teaching is also in Larry’s blood. He has been an instructor for the College for more than 25 years and holds the Real Estate Instructor (REI) Designation, which recognizes excellence among real estate instructors. Instructors must meet several criteria to be awarded this designation. 

“There’s never a day that goes by that you don’t get a different perspective from a student, and that’s great. You learn from experience.” he says. “I don’t care if you’re a novice, you still have a lot to offer.”

Something to offer is what OREA Real Estate College does. Or, in Larry’s opinion, a lot to offer. For example, the College delivers comprehensive education programs in three ways – classroom, correspondence, and online. The College offers support services, such as the online education forums and the instructor support line. The College also offers learning tools, such as ExamTutor® and Pass-It study guides.

“The College has bent over backwards to help students. We put effort in whatever it takes to help you. We really do want to see you succeed,” he says.

Listen to Larry ‘speak for himself’ on http://bit.ly/18b0bvf.

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