Leaders Take Their Cue from Service-oriented Staff

OREA Profession SealWe have made a commitment at OREA to exhibit six behaviours that ensure quality service for our members, students and customers. We regularly acknowledge and work on these behaviours to ensure we provide the best service possible.

As we wrap up National Customer Service Week, I encourage all leaders to embrace these behaviours as well. They form a strong foundation for anyone wanting to practice service leadership.

#1 Customers First – The people who report to, rely on or look up to you are your customers and they are worthy of personal service, too. Regularly ask these internal customers what they need and how you can help.

#2 Can Do – A positive, pro-active approach shows others you are ready to make things happen. A can-do attitude helps you become a great role model for overcoming obstacles and getting things done.

#3 Quality – The care that you take in leading others is reflected in the quality of the work that they do. Set an example by being prepared for meetings, getting the facts you need to make decisions and involving others in team-based solutions.

#4 Keep it Simple – People who rely on you appreciate streamlined solutions and focused actions. Be a vocal advocate for following  your organization’s strategic plan – this keeps everyone from getting off track or bogged down in bureaucracy.

#5 Teamwork – No leader succeeds on his or her own. Appreciate and recognize those who come together as part of your team. People rarely complain that they get recognized too much!


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