Leadership Course participant calls herself “lucky”

One of the main goals of our leadership training is to enable volunteers to make a
difference in their association, business and community. I hope you will feel
as gratified as we do when you read this Blog by NAR YPN member Lynn Minnick.

Lynn Minnick calls herself “lucky” for having been picked by NAR to participate in Leadership 200 and 300.  Lynn along with 35 others participated in classroom learning last week.  This is what Lynn has to say;

While the courses are definitely aimed at becoming leaders in your
association, the information and experience was much more than that, as it
should be if you’re going to take an entire day away from showing and listing
appointments, right? The classes covered topics such as how meetings are run,
Robert’s Rules, strategic and operational planning, conflict resolution, and

To read more of Lynn’s comments please click on the link:


L200 Part Cover imageL300 Part Cover image

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