Leading With Integrity

If you’re like many people, you sometimes hide a part of yourself in order to fit an image you’re trying to portray. Many people separate themselves between their personal and professional lives and believe that they need to be different people in those different situations. That’s especially true where leadership is concerned. People sometimes feel that the traits that a leader needs to portray are not the traits that a mother, father, coach, artist or baseball player would portray. Yet with more and more emphasis on the value of being an authentic leader, this can work against you. It can affect your integrity as a leader if people feel you’re not being genuine. In this audio interview, Ennette Pauze discusses the importance of integrating the many parts of one’s life in order to lead with integrity.

The first step towards integration, Enette says, is awareness. What parts of yourself are you trying to hide and why? What parts of yourself are not integrated? This awareness will help you become more authentic to the vision and the voice inside you. Ennette believes that being true to your calling is an important part of having an integrated life; and feeling integrated is when true leadership can emerge. In support of this principle she quotes Mark Twain who said, “The two most important days in your life are the day you are born and the day you find out why.”

As a visionary leader, Enette is the CEO of the Level 8 Leadership Institute, a private educational organization dedicated to inspiring world leaders who leave global legacies. She has devoted 18 years, and more than 16,000 hours to researching, teaching and leading initiatives, with a vision of transforming humanity through better integrated systems of human service teams and organizations. She is a mother, wife, entrepreneur, student, teacher and coach. Ennette holds degrees in Psychology and Kinesiology, is completing her PhD, and is currently the Co-Chair for the Pro-Track Speaker Academy, Canadian Association for Professional Speakers (Toronto Chapter).


Title: Leading with Integrity

Featuring: Enette Pauze, CEO/CVO, Level 8 Leadership Institute

Length:  7:34 minutes

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