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We can all use a little help at times.

OREA Real Estate College offers learning tools that will help you gain a better understanding of course content, prepare you to write exams, transition to the real world of real estate trading, and keep current with College news and events from any location.

Gain a better understanding of course content

Two services are available to students with questions about course content – the instructor support line and the online discussion forums. Staffed by College instructors, the toll-free instructor support line (1-866-444-5557) is available Monday to Friday, 9:30 am – 4 pm. The online discussion forums are where students can post questions or use the search function to locate previously asked and answered questions. Students need to create a profile first. The forums are moderated by College staff to ensure all answers to queries are correct.

Prepare for exams

All course textbooks contain study aids, such as chapter mini-reviews and active learning exercises, that test students’ understanding of chapter content. However, some students may require additional assistance. Such assistance is available in the form of ExamTutor© and the Passit® Online Study Guides.

ExamTutor© contains practice exams for all courses in the Salesperson Registration Education Program and the Broker Registration Education Program. The Passit® Online Study Guides, available for eight courses, offers more than 1,000 practice exercises, exam preparation tips, and practice/recall techniques. Passit® is available for the following courses: Real Estate as a Professional Career; Land, Structures and Real Estate Trading; The Real Estate Transaction—General; The Residential Real Estate Transaction; The Commercial Real Estate Transaction; Real Property Law; Principles of Appraisal; and Principles of Property Management.

Real world transition

Success in real estate requires proficiency in soft skills such as business and career planning, time management, communication, conflict resolution/negotiation, and prospecting. How to acquire and practise these skills is the focus of A Mentoring Kit for New Salespeople: Training for Success. This kit features DVDs and several topical booklets that will help new registrants transition to the real world of real estate trading from the classroom.

Keep current and connected from any location

The OREA Real Estate College mobile app provides information on the Salesperson Registration Education Program and the Broker Registration Education Program. It also contains resources for students (e.g., study guide tips from select textbook topics), and videos about College products and services.

Examples of study guide tips for Real Estate as a Professional Career:

  • Commission calculations
  • Determining average, median, and mode
  • Percentage calculations
  • Area of an irregular rectangle
  • GDS, TDS and Mortgage Averaging
  • Interest and Mortgage Calculations
  • Capitalization
  • Taxation
  • Adjustments

College news and events are broadcast via social media, such as Facebook and Twitter.


For more information:

Instructor Support Line — http://bit.ly/2aV361y

Online instructor forums — accessed through My Portfolio http://bit.ly/1Vu9HT4



A Mentoring Kit for New Salespeople: Training for Success http://bit.ly/1CvaJrh

OREA Real Estate College App — http://bit.ly/1LFQOdB


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