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Legislature in recess until February 21

The Ontario Legislature has adjourned until February 21, 2012. Since the legislature reconvened on November 22nd, only one bill passed – the Liberal government’s Throne Speech.  The political deadlock means that no legislature committees will be working until at least late February because the parties could not agree on how they should function under a minority government.

The parties agreed on the makeup of the committees: four Liberals, three Tories and two New Democrats, reflecting the Liberal’s minority status.  However, the Liberals wanted opposition members to chair five committees because the chair only votes in a tie and always with the government.  This means the Committees would not have been able to amend any Liberal bills. The political jockeying is likely to continue when the legislature resumes in the New Year, with economist Don Drummond, Chair of the Commission on Reform of Ontario’s Public Services, set to release recommendations on making government services more efficient.

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