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Let’s Get Naked


Not literally, please! Shed the pedantic traditional teaching tools and penchant for classroom control. Become shamelessly vulnerable and desirous of student-centered learning. Focus on problem-solving, the belly-button of an educational fun-house. Strip away approaches and practices that spotlight the instructor rather than what is beneficial to learners. Toss traditional practices of listen, repeat, revise, erase, retype, and revise into the rubbish bin. Education need no longer dwell in a mix and match, cut and paste closet.

For so long, we have been frozen in accepted practices and unquestioned assumptions. It’s time, thanks to technology, to adapt, alter, twist, and add a social network to schooling. Learners want to wonder, anticipate, worry, make decisions, and be active. They don’t want to be fettered or bored by routine, organizational dictates, and unchallenging busywork.

Technology in bricks and mortar and in virtual classrooms sheds old garbs and harnesses the power and flexibility of learning in ways previously only imagined and desired. Blended learning environments lead to engaged learners that ‘hit the ground running’ in their pursuit of knowledge and skills. It’s not about replacing teachers with technology. It’s about shedding unnecessary practices and clothing and empowering facilitators and learners with improved conditions that enhance learning.



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