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Leverage technology to increase learning

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Emerging technologies rock. Whether in entertainment, travel services, financial services, or simply shopping, consumers have immersed themselves in the digital revolution. Research indicates that consumers rate their digital experience with high levels of satisfaction. Service providers need to understand this new reality and connect with consumers accordingly. Education, for example, needs to leverage their students’ (customers) perspectives and preferences to deliver a better learning experience.

The tablet, mobile and versatile, is displacing the immobile desktop computer as well as the laptop baggage. Educators need to engage students through a revamped curriculum that uses tablet-specific strategies. If you accept this premise, then a spectrum of questions arise. Questions about how to structure course content effectively. Questions on how to connect and engage students through activities that are activity-centric. Of course, there are endemic questions of logistics and implementation.

Technological innovation has certainly raised the bar but it has also provided us with a ladder. If we can coordinate technological elements with the variety of education functions, we will be rewarded with a sum in excess of its parts.



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