Managing Change: The Fear Factor

Why do we resist change? It’s the fear factor, says Peggy Grall. We fear the unknown. Even though our present situation may be bad, she says, at least it’s one we know. In this week’s podcast from the OREA Centre for Leadership Development, Peggy discusses why change can be so hard for some people. She believes that at the heart of resistance is the underlying thought, Maybe I won’t be able to make the change. Maybe what they’re going to ask of me I just can’t do.

In this audio interview, Peggy discusses the importance of leaders involving everyone as early as possible in the implementation of change, especially if that change is one that people don’t necessarily believe in. “The decision to change may not be in the control of the group, but at least they can be involved in how the change takes place.

Leaders help others work through change by clearly sharing the vision for change in a way that people can relate to, Peggy says.  Leaders need to share what the change means for them personally. Peggy acknowledges that change is messy and it’s emotional. She says that people need to know that messiness is normal. It’s much easier to handle the bumpy ride if everyone can talk openly and honestly about it.

One of the most challenging phases of change that Peggy highlights is the “mile in the middle”. That’s when the daily reality of how hard change is starts to set in and motivation starts to lag. Peggy reminds leaders that this is the phase in which leaders need to hold out the hope that will help everyone push through.

Peggy Grall is a Certified Executive Coach and former Psychotherapist with 19 years of experience in the areas of helping individuals and organizations make significant change. Peggy has a Bachelor of Arts degree in Sociology & Anthropology, from the University of Guelph. She is certified in Employee Relations & HR from Queens University and has received training in Counseling Psychology at the Toronto Institute of Human Relations.

Title: Managing Change
Featuring: Peggy Grall, The Change Coach, Peggy Grall & Associates Inc.
Length:  7:34 minutes

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