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Meet Our Real Estate Instructors

Learning at OREA Real Estate College means learning from a practising and successful subject-matter expert. In this blog, we present Lois Willis.


When Lois began instructing at OREA Real Estate College nearly 30 years ago, she presented material using a blackboard and chalk, which Lois recalls as “messy and time-consuming.” After the blackboard, she switched to the whiteboard, to the overhead projector, and finally to today’s presentation on PowerPoint.

Lois, an REI-designated instructor, teaches five courses at the College: Real Estate as a Professional Career; Land, Structures and Real Estate Trading; The Real Estate Transaction – General; The Residential Real Estate Transaction; and The Commercial Real Estate Transaction. The College awards the REI designation following the completion of a rigorous application process. The designation recognizes instructor excellence. To attain this designation, instructors must complete a rigorous application process. There are currently 43 instructors with REI designations.

The technology may have changed the method of delivering the information but Lois’ focus – her students – never wavered.

“Instructing students today, particularly Generation Y, involves providing challenging experiences, problem solving, and interactive group discussions that allow students to come to their own conclusions,” Lois says about her approach to teaching.

“Students are appreciative of real-life experiences that relate to the course material. Through these stories, students are better able to remember and relate to the course material.”

In addition to the technology, what has also changed is the legislation that governs real estate, the Real Estate and Business Brokers Act, 2002, including the Code of Ethics. Lois ensures that her students understand that REALTORS® are not simply “sending off papers.”

“It is important to emphasize that salespeople and brokers must still adhere to their responsibilities to their clients,” she says.

Even after 30 years of instructing at the College, Lois is excited about imparting her knowledge and experience to new people entering the profession. If you believe you are up to the challenge of giving back to your profession, we encourage you to apply to become an instructor for OREA Real Estate College.

To become an instructor, please complete and submit the Registration Education Instructor Application. Once your application is received, the College will take you through a 10-step instructor application process.

Please note, you must have a minimum of five years’ professional experience as a practising REALTOR®.

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