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Meet the New Deputy Minister of Government and Consumer Services, Ms. Wendy Tilford

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Premier Wynne recently announced the appointment of a new Deputy Minister to the Ministry of Government and Consumer Services (MGCS), Ms. Wendy Tilford. Ms. Tilford takes over the role previously held by Mr. Giles Gherson, now Deputy Minister for Economic Development and Employment; Research and Innovation; and, Infrastructure. During his tenure as DM for the Ministry of Consumer Services, OREA had the pleasure of working with Mr. Gherson and building a strong relationship with the Ministry.Ā  We thank him for his dedication and wish him well in his new role. Nevertheless, we look forward to working closely and collaboratively with the new deputy.

Deputy Minister Tilford

Deputy Minister Tilford comes from a distinguished background in the private and public sectors. She joined the Ontario Public Service in 2010 as the Deputy Minister of Economic Development and Trade. In addition, before her appointment to Government and Consumer Services, she served as Deputy Minister of Economic Development, Employment and Infrastructure; and, Research and Innovation.

She has also held a number of executive positions in the private sector, most recently, she was President of QMI-SAI Global.

The Role of the Deputy Minister

DMs are of critical importance to the work of the government. DMs are non-partisan professional civil servants, whom are accountable to their Minister. They serve as a link between the Minister and other public servants. In this role, they provide their Minister with policy advice, oversee program delivery, are responsible for department management, and coordination between departments.

We welcome Deputy Minister Tilford and look forward to working with her and the Ministry of Government and Consumer Services to enhance consumer protection and ensure a vibrant real estate market in Ontario.

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