Mentorships and Succession Planning

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When I first started in Real Estate in the 1970’s (yes I know many of you had not yet been born), there was no real support, mentorships or training.  I was told by the others in my office (mostly men and mostly well over 40 years of age) that I did not have a chance to make a go of Real Estate because I was too young!  But because of their words I worked even harder.

It was because of my experiences that I started mentoring for my Brokerage several years ago. Over the years, I have discovered that the more I give the more I get when it comes to mentorships.   All those entering our industry today have far more diverse backgrounds and talents than I had when I started.  Often, when it comes to each first new experience as a REALTOR®, first listing presentation, first showing, first offer presentation etc., all that is needed is support. It is the opportunity to work with, be supported by, and learn the street smarts that they do not cover in all of the wonderful courses that are offered today.

Succession planning is not what you hear most long term REALTOR®s talking about.  Succession planning are words you usually only hear in relationship to Boards, Executive Officers and Broker Owners. However, those of us who do not have children who chose to follow in our footsteps and become REALTORs® worry about who will take care of our clients when we retire.  I found my answer to that question by mentoring.  I now have a full succession plan in place and a full partnership with a young woman I met through mentoring a few years ago.  We have successfully blended our business together and our clients now know and appreciate that we are interchangeable when it comes to their Real Estate needs.

My partner, is over 30+ years younger than I am and she has brought a new focus to our business with her life experiences.  We are there for each other and I know that she will take great care of all of our clients,  well after I have retired in another 5 years from now.  Perhaps finding a mentor may be the right thing for you too?

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