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Minding Your Ps and Qs


Do any of the following situations bother you or your clients? Salespeople/brokers who:

• do not return phone calls or do not return phone calls in a timely manner

• are late for appointments and/or not calling clients to advise that they will be late

• do not attend a showing and/or do not call to cancel a showing

• allow and/or accept telephone calls during client meetings

• allow and/or accept other forms of interruptions

• allow their clients (or themselves do it) eat, drink, smoke while attending a showing or open house

Unfortunately, you may not be able to control others’ behaviour but can do something about your own behaviour and you should be able to communicate to buyer clients about proper etiquette while attending a showing or open house. You should also be able to prepare seller clients for hosting an open house to ensure there are as few incidences as possible.

The showing and the open house are two topics covered in the recently launched online course, Real Estate Professionals at Work. This is the first course of the new education stream called Training for Success.

Real Estate Professionals at Work uses real case studies that relate to specific principles of professionalism, also covered in the course, which real estate professionals can apply in their day-to-day practices. For example, one of the case studies involves a listing salesperson, Barry, who tells his seller clients that potential buyers, their salesperson, and a home inspector will visit their home later in the afternoon. Barry does not attend the showing. The sellers have to leave the home as well because they assumed Barry would attend. When the sellers return, they complain to Barry that mud was dragged into the house, the couch was  stained from either a food or drink spill, there was the smell of cigarettes upstairs, and some items in the house were broken. Why was Barry’s behaviour unprofessional? What should he have done?

The course features 19 case studies that examine three concepts of respect: respect for the public, respect for property, and respect for peers. The course also covers:

telephone and email etiquette

safety tips

networking tips

importance of practising full disclosure

10 Principles of Real Estate Professionals

To enrol in Real Estate Professionals at Work, http://bit.ly/1dKVEXz.


Which of the behaviours noted about bothers you? Why? Is there any other behaviour that bothers you?


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