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Miss Real Estate Manners: Protect your clients

Real estate agent showing house to a couple

These 10 tips about courtesy in real estate are taken from guidelines produced in the Miss Real Estate Manners document from the London and St. Thomas Association of REALTORS® (LSTAR). The following story in The REALTOR® EDGE newsletter is the sixth installment of tips, excerpted from the “Common sense” section of the guidelines, with permission from LSTAR.

1. When showing property keep all members of the group together.

2. Never allow unaccompanied persons access to property without permission. Enter property only with permission even if you have an Active Key or an EKey.

3. Update the seller frequently on market conditions (good or bad) on how the marketing is going and how prospective buyers are reacting to the home. Be gentle.

4. Make sure your advertising honestly reflects the property and is in good taste.

5. Ensure that the buyer and seller are aware of the closing costs (i.e., principal, interest, GST, insurance, Land Transfer Tax and any required mortgage insurance) as well as the payments. Remember that first-time buyers are often blissfully unaware that there is such a thing as closing costs. Enlighten them. Gently.

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6. Direct all enquiries regarding terms, conditions or the price of a home to the listing REALTOR®. Do not discuss these points directly with the seller.

7. Be certain all co-operating brokers are aware of the compensation they will receive upon successful conclusion of the transaction before they show your listing. Avoid commission disputes in the presence of buyers or sellers. (Can you imagine how awkward that would be?  And how unprofessional?)

8. If you are the listing REALTOR®, present all offers in an unbiased manner, regardless of who wrote it – even if it’s your worst enemy. It’s not your choice to make.  It’s the seller’s choice.

9. Help the seller evaluate any fair and reasonable offer, but do not act against the best interest of your client, his or her own best judgment, or good conscience.

10. Make sure that the fully-signed purchase agreement reflects the terms and conditions to which the principals have agreed. Avoid ambiguity.

The above tips are excerpted with permission from the London and St. Thomas Association of REALTORS®. Read LSTAR’s full Miss Manners document here.

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