Mobile Manners


My mobile phone and I are extremely close.  I wake up with it every morning and go to bed with it in the evening. It’s also my mobile office. With it I can do pretty much everything from emails, text messages, to social media and, can’t forget, even make phone calls! In our business, this extreme level of accessibility is great.  Use it to connect with clients – not disconnect. Don’t forget about the people standing right in front of you. Show proper mobile manners. Here are some tips:

Meetings:  Don’t use your phone when you are with your clients. They deserve your undivided attention. Buying and selling Real Estate is a big decision for them.  If you let your phone be an interruption, it gives the impression you do not value their time and that other things are more important. If you really need to take a call or are expecting to be contacted, ask their permission first.

Vibrate Mode: This can be even more annoying than a ring tone if the phone is not in your pocket. Use the silent mode.. Flashing lights and screens can also be a distraction. If I need to leave my phone on the table, I leave it face down.

Voicemail: Update your voicemail greeting frequently and let people know when they can expect to hear back from you.  If you are going to be tied up all afternoon and unable to return a call, let people know that and perhaps leave an alternate number where you can be reached. Our business is very time sensitive. No one likes to play the waiting game, your clients and colleagues will appreciate knowing when they will hear from you.

Communicate with Care: All phones should have some type of spell-check and auto correct. Take a quick glance at what you just wrote before you press ‘send’. Typos and mistakes show that you are careless and can also leave people confused.

Bluetooth is not Jewellery:  If you are not in your car or office, remove it. It can be very distracting and looks ridiculous.


Brian Santos, YPN Committee Member and guest blogger

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