New Ontario Brownfield Web Resources

The government of Ontario recently launched two new web resources for brownfield development.

The first resource is a compendium of Community Improvement Plans (CIPs). Until now, there has been no consolidated source for locating active municipal brownfields financial incentive programs. The compendium includes:

  • Municipal staff contacts and links to municipal websites.
  • PDF copies of CIP policies, where available.
  • Geographic extent of the policies.
  • A high-level summary of the types of incentives offered.
  • Brief descriptions to help categorize the key types of financial incentives available.
  • A map of municipalities with approved or draft CIP’s with brownfields components.

The second resource is an update to the Brownfields Ontario website reflective of amendments to a Ministry of the Environment regulation (O. Reg 153/04, as amended) under the Environmental Protection Act.  To view information about the amendments, visit Protecting the Environment.

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