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New OREA Tutorial Assists with Form #109

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OREA has released a new four-minute tutorial to introduce members to Form #109, “Offer Presentation – Acknowledgement”. 

Form #109 was created to assist Realtors in confirming that an unsuccessful offer was presented. It can be used for offers for purchase and sale, as well as offers for leases or rentals. 

Members who value hands-on, step-by-step guidance may find this and other OREA tutorials a welcome addition to their toolbox. The tutorials are being created by OREA to help members use forms accurately and confidently with their customers. They walk members through the forms section by section, explaining what information is required and where. 

The Form #109 Tutorial, as well as previous tutorials, are available on OREA’s website. They are accompanied by OREA’s forms explained documents (which provide a written overview of the forms) and new standard forms webinars, designed to help members maintain professional integrity throughout their day-to-day trading activities.

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