New study confirms wind turbines pose no serious health affects

Wind turbines do not cause any direct health effects, a study done for the Government of Ontario by engineering firm Howe Gastmeier Chapnik Ltd has found.

The report was a literature review of materials (journal articles, papers presented at conferences, technical reports and guidelines or regulations) related to low frequency noise and infrasound associated with large, modern wind turbines. However, wind turbines can produce enough noise to annoy some people, causing anxiety which can lead to other health problems.

Concerns have been raised such types of low frequency sounds can affect health but the report says most medical studies in the field say otherwise. Specifically the report states, “In the audible range, including the low-frequency range, publications by medical professionals indicate that, at the typical setback distances, the overall magnitude of the sound pressure levels produced by wind generators does not represent a direct health risk.”

Read a copy of the report here.

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