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New video goes through the steps of selling your home

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Looking for new ways to connect with clients and consumers? Trying to help someone understand the process of selling a home? Here’s another tool to make that possible.

We know you like OREA’s How to Buy Your Home and How to Sell Your Home books, we know consumers like them, so we looked for a way to give them to you, our members, in a format that was easily accessible, easy to share and easy to travel with. We took the information from the two books, condensed and boiled it down into steps, and created a new series of videos.
In May we introduced you to “The Millers”, an average Canadian family, as they looked for their first family home, in our first video based on How to Buy Your Home. Now check in with them years later as they look to downsize their home to a condo. Following the steps listed in our How to Sell Your Home book, the Millers go from creating the listing, to hosting an open house and doing the paperwork, all with the help of their REALTOR® Daniel.

Check out the video now:

We encourage you to share this with clients, potential clients and the general public.

For information on how you can include it on your personal website, social media accounts or email, check out our previous how to share a video blog post. You can also revisit the first video in the series, How to Buy Your Home.

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