No Fake ID Required #Winning

With the start of any new initiative there is bound to be a little confusion and a little jest. I have been watching members actively joke around on the OREA Young Professionals Network (YPN) Facebook page about canes, geritol and fake IDs to look younger. I have been asked by members is the YPN only for social media savvy generation Ys? Why would a seasoned REALTOR® want to be involved?

So let’s clear the confusion and try to answer some of these questions, perhaps even with a little jest.

OREA’s YPN has one BHAG (for the youngsters not familiar with the term it stands for big hairy audacious goal). Our main goal is to pave the way to success for the next generation of REALTORS®.

Speaking of the Next Generation of REALTORS®, you’ve probably noticed this phrase on all our marketing materials. It is our tagline because the YPN is designed to help REALTORS® new to the profession regardless of their age. Many people choose real estate as a second or third career and we want to ensure that all new REALTORS® have the best chance of being successful in this industry.

There you have it… no fake ID’s to look younger required. We’re also happy to make canes and geritol available at all our events including our Kick-Off on February 28th, 2012.


Source: thinkgeek.com via Nancy on Pinterest


Now, why would a seasoned REALTOR® want to participate in the YPN beyond the obvious networking opportunities and potential for referrals?

When I think back to business groups from the past, many were based on mentoring new people into the profession. Due to rapid shifts in technology, economy and culture, we’re now in a unique situation where young REALTORS® are also in a position to mentor seasoned REALTORS®. We have older members who want to learn from younger members and young members who want to talk to a REALTOR® who has been in the business for 20 years.

For example, I was talking with a REALTOR® early this week that is in the process of exploring the use of technology (new web site, blog, Facebook page and Twitter) to brand themselves differently from the competition. This is one area that young REALTORS® truly excel in and can offer a lot of advice.

This creates a win-win situation for all members and the advice shared between the two groups is worth YPN membership, free as part of your OREA membership.

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