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Ontario Government Prohibits Open Houses.

The COVID-19 pandemic is one of the fastest moving issues in our lifetime. Nothing compares to this global public health crisis. Governments, at all levels, are continuing to update their action plans daily, and I wanted to share with you an update on changes made to the province’s essential services list 

As you may be aware, yesterday’s announcement from the Ontario Government kept real estate land registration services and real estate agent services on the list of essential services in Ontario.  

Updating the list further, the Ontario Government has also issued an order that directly prohibits open houses during the provincial State of Emergency. Specifically, the order states that “every person who is responsible for a business that provides real estate agent services shall ensure that business does not host, provide or support any open house events.” This means it is now illegal to facilitate or participate in an open house until further notice.  

As you know, OREA has urged all Members in Ontario to stop in-person business, including open houses, to help prevent the spread of COVID-19.  

Additionally, the Ontario Government has made changes to limit short-term rental accommodations significantly.  Specifically, “every person who provides short term rentals in rental accommodations shall ensure that any rentals booked after April 4, 2020, are only provided to individuals who are in need of housing during the emergency period.” This provision does not apply to hotels, motels, and student residences.   

We are aware that these new measures will have a significant impact on Members, which is why OREA GR staff have been in contact with ministry officials. It has become clear that officials are still working out all the details of this new prohibition and are working on getting us updates as soon as possible.  

Your OREA GR team is working hard to get answers REALTORS® need to comply with the order and will be communicating with all Members soon. 

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