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Ontario Has Two Newly Elected MPPs


The Ontario Legislature welcomed two new MPPs this week: Gila Martow, MPP for Thornhill; and, Wayne Gates, MPP for Niagara Falls. The two MPPs were elected in last week’s by-elections called after MPPs Peter Shurman and Kim Craitor stepped down late last year.

Once the two new MPPs are sworn in, the legislature will be composed of 49 Liberal MPPs, 37 Progressive Conservatives and 21 New Democrats. While these results do not tip the balance of power at Queen’s Park, by-elections are often viewed as a measure of Ontarian’s level of support towards the governing party.

Notwithstanding the recent by-elections, the million dollar question remains, will these results give the opposition parties enough momentum to vote down the governing Liberals’ budget, plunging Ontario into a general election?

We’ll have to wait a few more weeks to find out…

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