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Ontario Legislative Assembly has resumed

Queen's Park
Queen's Park

The Ontario Legislative Assembly resumed parliamentary proceedings on Tuesday, February 21 after adjournment on December 23, 2011.

The Legislature sat for only one month since the October 2011 election that produced a Liberal minority government with 53 Liberal MPPs. The Progressive Conservative Party gained additional 11 seats bringing its number to 37 members. The New Democratic Party rose to 17 members by winning 7 extra seats.

The major item on the agenda is the unveiling of the 2012 Ontario budget by Finance Minister Dwight Duncan in late March, 2012. The new budget will take into account recommendations from the report led by TD Economist Don Drummond to reform Ontario’s public service and eliminate the deficit.

Further, the Ontario Legislature is yet to set up a number of Legislative Committees, reflecting the new Liberal’s minority status: four Liberals, three Tories and two New Democrats.

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