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Ontario Progressive Conservative Party re-elects Tim Hudak, selects new president

Tim Hudak
PC Leader Tim Hudak


Progressive Conservative leader Tim Hudak was reaffirmed as a party leader with 78.7 per cent support from the Ontario Conservatives. Out of 1,241 ballots cast, 977 were for Mr. Hudak.

In his key note speech to the party’s annual general meeting in Niagara Falls, Mr. Hudak reflected on the October 2011 provincial election, which, despite the loss to Liberals, gave the PC Party an additional 12 seats in the Ontario Legislature. In his remarks, Mr. Hudak signalled the party would take a turn to the right in the next election.

Meanwhile, political consultant Richard Ciano was voted party president with 54 per cent of 1,291 ballots cast. He succeeded departing Ken Zeise. Mr. Ciano, 38, best known for serving as campaign manager and chief strategist for Toronto Mayor Rob Ford in the mayoral campaign in the fall of 2010.

Mr. Ciano, who received an endorsement from former Canadian Finance Minister Jim Flaherty, ran against former cabinet minister John Snobelen, 57, and Kevin
Gaudet, 43, a former federal and Ontario director of the Canadian Taxpayers Federation.

To learn more visit the Ontario PC Party website.

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