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OREA Dues Get Members: Information, Education, Representation, and Services

Money into a homeYour real estate board collects annual dues of $110 from each member on behalf of the Ontario Real Estate Association. What does OREA do with this money? As your President, I can tell you we’re focusing on the areas that our members have identified as important. Education and lobbying the government are high priorities at OREA. Improved communication, promoting the importance of using a REALTOR®, updates on industry and market news and providing the tools that help you do your job remain our focus.

Here’s just some of what you get for your $110:


  • The latest news and industry update in the EDGE newsletter
  • OREApedia – a wealth of useful and practical information about real estate issues in Ontario on the OREA web site at



  • A strong presence at Queen’s Park including the Home Ownership Matters campaign to make home ownership an issue in the 2011 Ontario election


  • Standard forms and clauses
  • A multi-media campaign to communicate REALTOR® value to consumers
  • Consumer brochures for you to use with your clients
  • Legal information through Legal Forum on
  • Services to your real estate board, including strategic planning and leadership development
  • Access to Ontario’s largest Commercial Property Database
  • Savings on a variety of products and services
  • Financial support to Ontario shelter charities through the REALTORS Care Foundation

To view in PDF click here: OREA Dues Flyer

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