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OREA Launches Home Ownership Matters

MPP Lisa Macleod and OREA President Barb Sukkau

Issues based public relations campaigns are nothing new to organized real estate in Ontario. OREA’s two most recent government relations campaigns were in opposition to the harmonized sales tax and mandatory home energy audits.

In both cases the coordinated efforts of OREA and our 42 member boards took our message not just to the upper echelons of Queen’s Park but also to the grass roots level in the 107 constituencies across the province. The campaign OREA is launching in advance of the 2011 provincial election shares these traits. 

It also reinforces, as all government relations activities do, the value members receive when they join organized real estate.

Home Ownership Matters is designed to communicate one important message to local candidates, political parties and other key decision makers, that Home Ownership Matters to people, to communities and to Ontario.

Indeed our goals are ambitious – they are first, to convince parties to include home ownership friendly policies in their 2011 election platforms; and, second to strengthen support for home ownership at Queen’s Park after the 2011 election.

The second goal is long term and will require a sustained effort. Thankfully most of the research and many of the tools OREA has created to support Home Ownership Matters are designed to be used well into the future.

As a campaign during the election, OREA believes Home Ownership Matters will be effective for three important reasons.

First, our message is coherent, focused and testable. OREA can tell people why home ownership matters in a way that is easy to understand and back it up with facts and research.

Second, home owners and the value of home ownership is politically attractive. With over 3.2 million of them in the province, courting the votes of home owners is an important consideration for all political parties hoping to get elected.

And third, policies that support home ownership, certainly the ones we’re advancing, are relatively easy to explain and provide obvious benefits to consumers.

To support member real estate boards, OREA has prepared research, policy proposals, media tools and other resources to help you take this important message to your local candidates.

OREA’s strategy to advance its 2011 Home Ownership Matters campaign focuses on market research, a sound communications plan, government relations initiatives, a social media strategy and member board involvement.

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