OREA Volunteerism Awards to be presented at the 2012 OREA Annual Conference

Classroom ClappingThe OREA Volunteerism Awards will be presented during the OREA Annual Conference on Wednesday, February 29, 2012. Awards will be given to a real estate board for their exceptional efforts in the area of Leadership and Volunteer Development and to an Individual volunteer member that has made an outstanding contribution to their organization.

The OREA Volunteerism Award for a board or association recognizes an organization’s extraordinary or unique volunteer initiative in one or all of the following categories:

Volunteer Recruitment Criteria:

  • Most creative volunteer recruitment material (brochures, newsletter ads, web site ad)
  • Most innovative recruitment technique (open house for prospective volunteers, personal invitations from current committee members)
  • Changing or improving a volunteer recruitment strategy

Recognition Criteria:

  • Most creative/innovative volunteer reward program
  • Implementation of a new and successful reward program

Training Criteria:

  • Implementation of a mentoring program matching new and experienced volunteers
  • Best orientation program for new volunteers
  • Implementation of a successful volunteer training program

In addition to the Board/Association Award, real estate boards have the opportunity to nominate volunteer members that have made a significant volunteer contribution to their organization by contributing their time and attention while demonstrating sound leadership qualities on a committee, task force or board. They may have played an important role or addressed a major issue or challenge facing their association in the last 12 months.

For more information on the OREA Volunteerism Awards, please contact Kathryn Neals at Kathrynn@orea.com.

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