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OREA’s Next Webinar Can Help with Clause-trophobia



OREA’s popular standard forms webinar series is returning at 1:00pm on June 21st to address the topic of Creating and Using Standard Clauses. Hosts Cassandra Agnew Walker and John Burnet will once again team up to provide members with an update and refresher on the topic.

Clause writing can be frustrating and clause drafting errors can result in serious liabilities within an agreement. Many of the most frequent errors can easily be avoided by learning and following some important clause writing basics.

This webinar will help members become adept at creating and using standard clauses by sharing how to:

  • Avoid common errors in clause writing
  • Help consumers understand pre-printed clauses in a listing agreement or an APS
  • Identify frequently-used clauses
  • Explain the significance of terms and conditions in clauses to consumers
  • Present corrective action if a clause contains an error or omission of details

OREA members are invited to register for the webinar online in order to participate live and/or receive a link to the on-demand recording.

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