Organized real estate quiz – the answers!


Last week’s Leadership blog posed some real estate questions to get your brain working. This week we have the answers…


1) What was MLS® called starting in 1951 (yeah, I was around then, barely)?

Answer: MLS Photo Co-Op


2) What does MDMS stand for?

Answer: Moore Data Management System, an MLS vendor that started as Teela, then Moore Data, then MDMS


3) Name the first real estate board in Ontario with an Internet accessed, browser-enabled MLS® system

Answer: Bancroft (2 engineering whiz kids from Western University created the service)


4) Name the oldest real estate board in Ontario. What about in North America? This will be contentious

Answer: Ontario – Thunder Bay or maybe Windsor?? North America – Vancouver


5) What year was the prohibition order signed?

Answer: 1988


6) Name the first board in Canada to implement “phototrieve”

Answer: Oshawa and District with Moore Data….now Durham


7) At its peak, how many committees/task forces did OREA have?

Answer: 26


8) Who was the CEO of OREA before Don Richardson?

Answer: Keith Teetzel


9) Who regulated real estate before RECO?

Answer: Ministry of Commercial and Consumer Relations. Be happy we have RECO


10) Under Robert’s Rules of Order, what does “seriatum” mean regarding handling motions?

Answer: Breaking the motion into separate components. In other words one single motion could be 3 separate motions.

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