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Our Graduates Speak For Themselves: Brian Santos


Some individuals choose a career in real estate; others fall into it. Brian Santos fell into it.

In our second blog installment of Our Graduate Speak for Themselves, REALTOR® Brian Santos, of Peak Realty Ltd., discusses how he enrolled in the OREA Real Estate College on a whim.

“I never really anticipated having a career in real estate,” says Brian. “I was in university at the time and I wasn’t necessarily super-thrilled with the undergraduate program I was taking. I entered the College more on a whim, but then I started working in the profession and I really liked it.”

Brian credits his education at the College for making him “well-rounded” and preparing him for the real world of real estate trading.

“What’s good about OREA Real Estate College is that they push you right in the deep end,” he says.

The more Brian worked in real estate, the more he discovered he liked it. And, the more he worked at it, through continuing education and staying current with real estate trends, the better he became.

“The best way to keep in touch with what’s going on out there is with continuing education courses, which OREA Real Estate College provides. I always try to take as many courses as I can because you can never know too much,” he says.

To listen to Brian “speak for himself,” go to http://bit.ly/11t7oBn.

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