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Our Graduates Speak For Themselves: Michelle Morgan


One of the reasons Michelle Morgan chose real estate as a career was because of flexible work hours. The mother of twin girls wanted to be able to attend her daughters’ school functions, such as lunchtime concerts. Another reason was unlimited income potential.

“I just thought that I needed to have a career where there is flexibility and growth, and the sky needs to be the limit,” says Michelle, a REALTOR® and an OREA Real Estate College graduate. “The job that I was in, there was stability but it wasn’t for me. There was a ceiling in terms of the amount of money I could make and I left.”

At first, Michelle wondered whether she made the right choice. But as she progressed through the courses and discovered that the classes and instructors were helpful, she overcame the self-described “uncomfortable phase.”

“There’s nothing more satisfying than watching your successes grow,” says Michelle. “Five years ago, I was wondering ‘can this work?’ and being able to say ‘You know what, it’s working’.”

To hear Michelle tell her story in her own words, go to http://bit.ly/18aZpyr.

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