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Our Graduates Speak for Themselves: Mike Douglas

Mike Douglas

Mike Douglas knows real estate, from the inside. Before becoming a REALTOR®, the OREA Real Estate College instructor was involved with building and construction. But it was not until he enrolled in the real estate courses that he realized what it really means to know real estate from the inside.

“The College has REALTORS® doing the instructing, REALTORS® who have hands-on and active experience. When you realize who those people are and what they’re trying to do for you, it really enhances its value,” he says. “What I got to see firsthand was they care about the result, and the result is well-qualified, professional people.”

The relationship with the College does not end with the classroom. The College does not simply get students in and out the door. Rather, it provides support every step of the way – to both students and instructors. Student support is offered through services such as the online education forums and the Instructor Support Line, and products such as Exam Tutor® and Passit Online Study Guides©. Instructor support is offered through the instructor symposiums and the instructor newsletter, among other things.

“It’s ridiculous the information that’s available to us – the tools, the tips, the resources. (College) is adding new things all the time and they’re literally at my fingertip,” says Mike.

To hear Mike ‘speak for himself,’ go to http://bit.ly/14kEEjw.

For more information about the various learning tools available to students, go to http://bit.ly/1fBurUd.

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