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Our Graduates Speak for Themselves: Sahir Jamal


Sahir Jamal considers himself a part of the landscape of the city.

“I drive down the street, I turn to my wife and say, ‘that home there, I sold that home’. Or I’ll be downtown and say ‘I put somebody in business over there’,” says Sahir,  a sales representative and OREA Real Estate College graduate.

Sahir chuckles when he tells people he sells real estate for a living and they assume he sells homes or condos. He may have sold the occasional house, but Sahir’s focus is commercial real estate, specifically franchise sales, and small business and leasing. “I work with landlords. I bring businesses that are Triple A tenants into their buildings,” he says.

Real estate offers many options. There are selling options (residential, commercial, rural/agricultural) and non-selling options (property management, mortgage financing). Further education may be required for the non-selling options. Real estate graduates can choose which option suits their interests, personalities, and income expectations.

If you look at real estate, it’s wide,” says Sahir. “You can find all kinds of areas of real estate to sell. The empowerment is what do you want to do with that education that you learned at OREA Real Estate College.”

To listen to Sahir “speak for himself,” go to http://bit.ly/169vvuJ.

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