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Overview of Agent Reboot Toronto

agent reboot conferenceThe Agent Reboot Toronto Conference wrapped up after a day of valuable CONTENT.

The day was packed with mini-sessions on the latest technologies, how technology helps you achieve your peak performancemobile technology, developing a content strategy that sells, making money with social media, capturing consumers’ attention with video, pumping up your website with widgets, A/B testing, dollars and sense (Where to spend and where to save), and optimizing online lead generation.

Here is a top ten recap of the day:

10. The first REALTOR® that responds to a lead is 234% more likely to get the person as a client.

9.  If content is king than lead conversion is queen – try using Jing or Mailchimp.

8.  Once you have over 20 blog posts a month, the traffic on your blog jumps up (studied by Hubspot).

7.  When deciding where to spend and where to save, look at your return on investment (ROI) and opportunity costs.

6.  If you’ve been asked a question by a client more than once, blog about it.  More people will find that answer valuable.

5.  The market should dictate your strategy not your income.

4.  Take one new technology…learn it & embrace it.  Then keep building upon that.

3.  If you’re a peak performer in Real Estate, you: maximize your income, achieve work/life balance, and deliver the best possible experience for your clients.

2.  Research shows that 73% of homeowners would be more likely to list with agents that use video to showcase properties.  0.8% of REALTORS® use video.

1. Video increases the likelihood of a front page Google search result by 96% – Forrester.


I hope this information has been valuable to help you continue to expand your performance as a REALTOR®.

A special thanks to all of the speakers for sharing this valuable content with us!  Follow them on twitter here:

@inmannext@thelonesgroup, @katielance, @richardsilver, @benjaminbach, @JOLTmarketing, @darinpersinger, and @stevepacinelli.  Inman will be rolling out weekly podcasts and interactive webinars this fall with juicy content like this.

If you have anything to add to the top ten recap of the day, please add your input in the comment section below!

Georgia Sapounas, Community Manager

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