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Party Positions on MLTT and More

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During the election, OREA surveyed the three main provincial parties on key REALTOR® issues, including: electronic signatures, the municipal land transfer tax (MLTT) and personal real estate corporations (PRECs). Their responses are summarized below:

Ontario Liberal Party

The Liberal Party of Ontario responded that they do not plan on extending the MLTT to other municipalities in the province. However, due to Toronto’s unique position resulting from the City of Toronto Act, 2006, the Liberals indicated that repealing the Toronto land transfer tax would be at the city’s discretion.

The Liberal Party did not provide a response in regards to electronic signatures or personal real estate corporations.

Liberal Response

Ontario Progressive Conservative Party

The Progressive Conservative Party also committed to stopping the spread of the MLTT in a pledge that included no new taxation powers to municipalities. The party reaffirmed their support of electronic signatures.

PC Response

Ontario New Democratic Party (NDP)

The NDP also made a similar commitment.  They wrote to OREA’s Government Relations team that they see no reason to allow the MLTT to spread to other cities. They also responded that they remain open to the idea of allowing personal real estate corporations and committed to allowing electronic signatures in Ontario.

NDP Response

OREA wishes all Ontario candidates the best of luck in today’s election. For more information on when and where to vote please visit


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