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PC Party endorses grow op registry in Changebook

Hudak Grow Op Pic
PC Leader Tim Hudak with MPP Lisa Macleod and candidates Randall Denley and Fred Sherman

Progressive Conservative (PC) Party Leader Tim Hudak announced that if elected Premier on October 6th his government will introduce legislation to create a registry of former marijuana grow operations. OREA has lobbied the provincial government for close to six years to create a registry to protect home buyers from the health and safety risks associated with former grow ops.

Most recently, OREA worked closely with Nepean–Carleton MPP Lisa Macleod to introduce Bill 139, the Clandestine Drug Operation Prevention Act, 2010 which, if passed, would have created a registry. Despite not making it past first reading in the Ontario Legislature, Bill 139 is credited with helping to move the issue into the PC election platform Changebook.

To learn more about OREA’s proposal to create a registry of former marijuana grow operations visit our website. To read about the PC Party’s pledge to create a registry read their platform.

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