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Play, forget work

Businessman with laptop in field

Work is necessary, but it is such a tedious task. Indeed, work can be numbing. Playing, on the other hand, is pleasurable but arguably unnecessary. From a learning perspective, I do not accept either sentiments.

Look at young children reveling in pure play. They are curious, connected, and hard at work in unadulterated fun. They are not distracted by stressful schedules, tasks, or deliverables. They party in the moment with total commitment of body and mind.

Look at old folks leisurely smiling, laughing, and enjoying each other’s company while sitting, walking, or playing with youthful vigor. They are not limited by slowness or the natural aging of their bodies. They remain lighthearted, even playfully ornery.

Young children and old folks are natural playmates for each other. Put them together and learning is at its pinnacle. Between the very young and very old, we have our job, our working life. What a wonderful world it would be if we could put play in our work. It would transform our education systems and careers, and extend our potential to learn.

Of course you know that leisure and play are tandem activities. Did you know that the original Greek and Roman meaning of the word ‘school’ is ‘leisure’?


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