Pride in Being a Second Fiddle

Portrait of businesspeople looking at camera

Years ago orchestra conductor Leonard Bernstein was asked which instrument he considered the most difficult to play. The conductor thought for only a moment, then said: “Second fiddle. I can get plenty of first violinists. But to find one who can play second fiddle with enthusiasm-that’s a problem…and if we have no second fiddles, we have no harmony!”

Leadership truly is the art of getting others to get something you want done because they want to do it. Volunteering courses through the veins of those of us who discover early in life that to give is to receive. The journey has been hectic, having just returned from the 2013 Realtor’s Care Charity ride, and completing my year as President of the Rotary Club of Burlington Central July 1st. We are now revving up for the Burlington United Way Campaign kickoff Friday the 13th of September. I have been asked to head up the leadership campaign.

Leadership has played such a role in my life and the satisfaction I enjoy from sharing my journey with our future leaders is truly immeasurable. How does one become a leader we are often asked?  OREA leadership training programs are a great start. But the best advice I was given was in 1979 from an out-going OREA Past President, Alec Murray. He said to get involved in organized Real Estate. It all started with the Sports and Entertainment Committee at the Metropolitan Hamilton Real Estate Board, now RAHB.  Believe me I was second fiddle, many times over. To be able to learn from your peers and grow with them made a lot of harmony and enjoyment on the Journey.

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