Professionalism: A helpful reminder from your fellow REALTOR®

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We may have all heard this term being thrown around, but what does it really mean?

Beginning your real estate career? How you carry yourself during the entire process may well play a big part in the bottom line. How we are perceived can work for us or interfere with our chances of closing a deal.

Professionalism may be perceived differently;

How do you define professionalism? Do you consider yourself a professional? What habits make up a professional? What bad habits can I change starting today? How many leads have I earned recently? How do strangers perceive me? Am I the right person for the job?

The answer to these questions may change the way you do business…

Being involved with the Young Professional Network has always been an idea that has inspired me. Now is the time REALTORS® can communicate faster than ever and most do not. If we are representing the best interest of our clients why are some buyers/sellers waiting days before getting a response? Young professionals have the ability to change the way we do business and how we are perceived. To build your brands remember that regardless of the amount of years of services we are all REALTORS® representing buyers/sellers and we all deserve professional conduct for example “showing feedback”. It was never taught that if I just don’t call that means we are not interested… The more communication between agents the faster properties will be able to sell. Let’s work together to build a sustainable career where we are seen as professionals.

Imagine you are the co-op agent presenting to sellers during a multiple offer scenario.

True or False?

The sellers critic not just the offer but the way the agent presents themselves, speaks and represents the buyers as well,

TRUE: Therefore be positive, polite, and grateful if you find yourself presenting directly to the sellers. Be clear and confident.

Friendly Reminders

Dress for Success: You are a professional dress professionally

Follow up: With the Agent and with your Client be in constant communication and always leave the conversation with the individual aware of the next plan of action.

Give Feedback: If the shoe was on the other foot, Listing agents need to communicate any feedback to the seller on showings.

*Communicate, Communicate, and Communicate*

Network: Join the Young Professionals Network and spread the word…

Smile: You are in this business because you believe in yourself! Time to start enjoying it

Remember: if there are two identical offers the difference between acceptance and sign back may be the impression you make on both the seller and the other agent.

Please share your experiences positive or negative and let’s work together to grow a professional environment for Ontario REALTORS®.

Don’t be a stranger

Your fellow REALTOR®,

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