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Provincial by-election countdown

In just one week from today, Ontarians from five provincial ridings will be heading to the polls to fill the seats vacated by five Liberal MPPs, all of whom resigned during the last legislative session.

Elections_Ontario_logoThis summer’s by-election is interesting for political enthusiasts to watch as all five ridings are up for a tough political battle among three major political parties. Two recent Forum polls, one conducted July and 10th and the second one July 22nd, shed some light on which candidates are leading in which ridings. However, much seems to be dependent on voter turnout, which might be influenced by the fact that the vote is scheduled for the middle of the summer. It is, in fact, the first summer election in Ontario to be held in over 50 years.   

Whatever the outcome after August 1st, the by-election results will not change the balance of power at Queen’s Park with its 107 members. Liberals are currently holding 48 seats, including a non-voting Speaker Dave Levac; Progressive Conservatives and New Democrats hold 36 and 18 seats respectively.

Robert Benzie, Queen’s Park Bureau Chief for the Toronto Star, outlines five things worth keeping in mind for the upcoming Provincial by-election. Take a look here.

Advanced polls opened Saturday, July 20 and will remain open until Friday, July 26 for those wishing to cast a ballot before the official August 1st election date. Visit the Elections Ontario website to learn when and where you can vote in your riding and find out who the candidates are

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