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Put Your Best Foot Forward, Part 2

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What does it mean to have ‘exceptional’ people skills? In a previous blog, this was defined as following the golden rule – treating others as you want to be treated – and applying these rules and the requirements outlined in the REBBA 2002 Code of Ethics to interactions with members of the public, particularly clients and customers.

Application of the golden rule does not stop there. As a member of a regulated profession, whomever you interact with expects you to behave fairly, honestly, and with integrity. This behaviour must be extended to colleagues.

Following are some basic DOs and DON’Ts of working professionally with colleagues.


•  Employ proper telephone etiquette: keep your messages short, speak slowly and clearly, leave your full name, brokerage name, return number, and an appropriate time to call you back

•  Check your voice mail and email messages often and return all messages promptly

•  Contact colleague if you cannot keep a scheduled appointment or are going to be late

•  Identify yourself as a broker/salesperson when speaking to another broker/salesperson about a property

•  Request an appointment to show a property through the listing firm or salesperson

•  Direct all enquiries regarding terms, conditions, or price of a property to the listing salesperson

•  Advise all co-operating brokerages of the compensation they will receive upon successful completion of the transaction before they show your listing

•  Be courteous and respectful

•  Deal with problems with another salesperson in a timely manner and consult management when a problem develops


•  Make disparaging remarks about other brokers/salespeople/the competition

•  Try to take a client away from another broker/salesperson

•  Contact another broker’s/salesperson’s client directly, for any reason, unless you have permission to do so

•  Discuss terms, conditions, or price of a property with another broker’s/salesperson’s seller


For More Information

More information in A Mentoring Kit for New Salespeople: Training for Successhttp://bit.ly/1pIJHHG.



Is there something missing to the above list? Let us know.


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