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Reach your tablet’s potential


There’s seemingly no end to the accessories you can buy to bling out a tablet. Not all add-ons are necessary, but there are core items that will help you get the most out of your device. Here are five accessories designed to make working on the go simple and efficient.


1. External keyboard case

Pairing your tablet with a click-in, bluetooth keyboard makes a world of difference to usability. Typing is easier and many keyboards will fold up to make a handy traveling case for your tablet. Logitech’s keyboard is particularly popular thanks to keys that fully depress, the Crux360™ feels like typing on a MacBook and the Surface Pro Type cover is backlit and comes a variety of colours.

2. Back-up charger

There’s nothing more frustrating than having your device die half-way through the day. Some tasks will burn through your battery faster than others, so it can be hard to predict how much juice you’ll need. Cover all your bases with a back-up charger. Microsoft has a Surface Car Charger with a USB that’s compatible with all Surface devices. The Apple 12W USB Power Adapter will charge iPads and iPhones at home or on the road and the MyCharge products will deliver instant power without any need for a power outlet.

3. Case

Keep your tablet safe from bumps and scratches with a protective case. The Snugg Microsoft Leather Wallet has space for a tablet keyboard, bank cards, USB sticks and charging cables.

4. Stylus

They might feel a little retro but pairing a stylus with your tablet will avoid messy fingerprints and can improve functionality. The Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 7.0 is widely recommended.

5. Portable storage

It’s easy to forget that your tablet has limited data storage, but once you’ve loaded up a few folders of images and downloaded all your favourite apps, you might find your tablet slowing down. The simplest solution is to save large files (video, graphics) is on a flash drive. There are a wide variety to choose from, but if you’re looking to keep things ultra-secure opt for Kingston’s DataTraveler Locker+ G2 32GB, which uses encryption to protect files in case the drive is lost or stolen.

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