Real Estate Etiquette 101

Working with a REALTOR®

As REALTORS® often times we are over stressed, over worked and underpaid. As we race through our careers we often sprint right past etiquette and good form. Everyone’s time is equally as valuable. And the REALTOR® you were discourteous to today, might be the REALTOR® you need a favour from tomorrow. So in the interest of sparing you that awkward moment here’s a few pointers for when you’re dealing with your fellow REALTOR®.

  1. If you are running late for a showing call/text the listing agent (or your Seller) and apologize, also let them know your estimated arrival time.
  2. Better yet, just be on time.
  3. Don’t ignore agents who ask for feedback on showings. Even if you just give a generic response. Don’t leave them hanging, they have a client who’s probably called them 4 times already.
  4. Introduce yourself using your full name and Brokerage, so that the listing agent isn’t left wondering which Mike from ABC Realty left a voice message to book a showing.
  5. All written communications should start with a greeting (hi, hello, good morning) including text messaging.
  6. Don’t send your cousin’s uncle’s ex-wife  to look at houses with an unsuspecting REALTOR®, then email over an offer from 500km away. You are licensed throughout the whole province. Earn it, or refer it.
  7. Don’t criticize MLS listings, you never know how it might get back to the Seller.
  8. When leaving messages, be sure to include your contact information. Don’t assume that other agents have your details on hand. Leaving a message that says “call me back on my cell” might be a more difficult task than you’d expect.
  9. Make sure the keys work. We’ve all had keys cut incorrectly. You don’t want to find that out when the Buyer’s agent is standing on the doorstep  of your listing with a client (in the snow!).
  10. Respond to inquiries and showing requests promptly.
  11. Dress for the job you have. (Not yoga instructor, or latin dancer.)
  12. Post clear and correct driving directions on your listings. Don’t post extremely vague directions, (I once saw a listing that read “Just after old school on right” and nothing else)
  13. Let agents know if a pet will be in the home during a showing.
  14. Refer to properties using the address or MLS number, don’t say things like “Can I book a showing on that house you have there, the yellow one?”
  15. If you encounter a doorman/building manager during your showing, be polite, even if they aren’t. Remember you are leaving a lasting impression that will impact us all.
  16. If you or your client must use the washroom during a showing… flush. No one wants to get that phone call from their client.

I’m sure there are many more you and I could add to this list. But for the most part treat others with professionalism and respect and have faith that they will in turn do the same for you.

Einas Makki, YPN Committee Member and OREA YPN Guest Blogger

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