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Did you know there are 18 residential listing agreements (and related forms), seven agency agreements (and related forms), four residential lease agreements (and related forms), and 22 commercial forms? Can you name the four types of agency relationships? Can you explain the agency relationship with potential buyer or seller clients?

If you cannot say yes without hesitation to any of the above questions, consider enrolling in Real Estate Forms Made Simple, an online continuing education course offered by OREA Real Estate College. In this course, learners will:

• review key concepts of agency relationship

• examine the clauses in the listing agreement

• examine the clauses in the buyer representation agreement

The better you understand the forms, the better you will be able to explain them to potential clients. The better the clients understand these forms and what to expect from you and your brokerage, the smoother the transaction will unfold.

“Click and Pick” Extended

The College has extended the ‘Click and Pick’ promotion on continuing education courses to May 31, 2014. You can choose as many courses as you want for $15 + HST (per order). You have access to courses until July 31, 2015. These courses provide relevant and practical knowledge that will help you grow your business.

Please note: returning customers to this offer will be charged $15 per order. For more information, go to http://bit.ly/14eFqPo.


The four types of agency relationships and their descriptions are:

Seller Representation

An agreement setting out the agency relationship between a brokerage and a seller in which the brokerage is acting as an agent for the seller, who is the principal (client); also referred to as a listing agreement

Buyer Representation

An agreement setting out the representation relationship between a brokerage and a buyer

Multiple Representation

Two or more clients in a real estate transaction are represented by the same real estate brokerage

Customer Service Agreement

An agreement in which the brokerage provides services to the customer, as distinct from a representation agreement with a client


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