Real Estate is not a job


Don’t think of real estate as a job. ┬áThink of it as a lifestyle. Embracing this concept helped me take my business to the next level.

When I first considered a career in real estate, one of things that attracted me the most was the perceived flexibility in work hours. It’s true that I am able to schedule important things when needed, but in this career you are always ‘working’.

It doesn’t stop. Like it or not, you will always have your ‘real estate hat’ on, even when you are with family and friends. Everyone is a potential client, including them. Don’t ever take those relationships for granted, earn their business.

Take careful consideration of what you say and how you treat people. You are always being judged. I’m an avid soccer player and I always have to remind myself to keep my cool when playing. One of my opponents could walk into my Open House on the weekend, and I want to be remembered as a nice guy rather than the one with a short temper.

I also encourage you to maximize your involvement in your community. Real estate is driven by relationships. The more actively you are involved, the more people you will know. Not everyone will make you money, but everyone you meet is a contact who has value.

A lifestyle in real estate is challenging.

On many occasions, you will arrive late or leave social events early. Or worse case scenario, miss them altogether. You will be attached to your phone at all hours. Not making an appointment or responding to a message late can be a costly mistake.

It’s important to schedule time for yourself and take breaks from real estate but remember you get what you put in. The harder you work, the more successful you will be.


Brian Santos, YPN Committee Member and guest blogger

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