You can never be too careful…especially in the real estate industry. Yes, that means you too Hurc!

  1. Always make sure your office staff have a record of your appointments and open houses. If you receive a confirmation verbally through a sales rep, either ask them to call the office or you call the office yourself and put the appointment through your office system.
  2. Always make sure someone you are close with knows your whereabouts. If you are able to inform that same person regularly, routine is always a great practice.
  3. Although very few of us practice this, you should meet the first-time potential client in your office or at a minimum, in a public place close to your first appointment. Not only does this allow you time to put out feelers, this is a great opportunity to go over agency with them.  If they are adamant to “just look at the property!”, odds are you are just going to be “pounding the pavement”. Stick to your guns and be the dictator.
  4. Leave your purse or wallet in your trunk. Even if there is really nothing in them but your business cards.  You know that but would be thieves see dollar signs.
  5. Download a personal security app and keep your phone in your hands.
  6. Always allow the potential buyer to lead the way. Not only does this make them feel comfortable, it alleviates you getting caught with your back turned.
  7. Keep entry door unlocked.
  8. Some may choose a personal safety product like pepper spray or an alarm. You may be surprised at the inconspicuous products available today.
  9. Vacant properties can put you at risk. When entering for the first time, always enter with someone you trust first.
  10. What is it called…a woman’s intuition. Men have it too.  Everyone, trust your gut instincts!

Stay safe and for further safety tips, you will want to check out these great resources.

National Assoc. of REATLORS® – https://www.nar.realtor/safety/planning-your-safety-strategy


CREA/BCREA – http://www.bcrea.bc.ca/docs/default-document-library/realtorsafetybooklet.pdf


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