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Save the date for OREA annual conference and Governance Day

The Ontario Real Estate Association’s Annual Assembly Meeting and REALTORS Care® Foundation Annual General Meeting will take place on Wednesday, March 1 at the Sheraton Centre Hotel in downtown Toronto. This year, for the first time, OREA has also organized a Governance Day to help shape the future of the association. Governance Day will take place on Tuesday, February 28. All members are encouraged to participate and give input in order to help shape OREA’s governance for the future. Four position papers are available and provide background for the meetings. You can view the papers on the conference website. All of these events are all part of the OREA 2017 Conference, which takes place from February 27 to March 1. For more details, visit


When we think about governance, we are not just thinking about our structure and our bylaws – we take a broader view: how do we as a group of people make decisions together? This review will certainly be looking at our structure and our bylaws but we will also be looking at:

  •  Who are our “members” and who do we serve?
  •  How do we engage with members, how do members want to be engaged?
  •  What are the most critical things that members need and that OREA is in the best position to provide?
  •  How the Board functions, its composition and how it can become more effective?
  •  The relationship between management and the Board and how we can ensure it is collaborative and high-
  •  The type of people and types of skills we are attracting to play key leadership roles at OREA – from the Assembly,
    to the Board, to senior management and throughout the organization?
  •  The quality of key stakeholders relationships and how we should be engaging with these stakeholders?

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