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Self-motivate to Educate

Can you educate someone who lacks the motivation to learn? Can you teach someone whose value of education is, shall we say, “sub-standard”? Can you competently instruct someone within an ill-equipped environment, be it physical or psychological? No. I don’t believe it’s doable. Of course, you should question what I espouse. That’s part of education.

We all need to stretch our thinking and develop educational excellence. Until we do, I’m certain that too many apathetic, ne’er-do-wells can acquire knowledge and skills to perform marginally in class and later in the field.

Are you inclined to agree with me? I suspect you might only if we share the same definition of adult education: simply, the acquisition of knowledge and the application of skills that improve performance at a socially acceptable and selflessly responsible level of interaction.

For education, as I define it, to take place, the prospective learner must come motivated and be desirous of doing well while the instructor and the college provide a positive climate for learning. A falling out on either side of this equation may, regrettably, result in the passing of “uneducated” individuals wreaking havoc on a vocation’s professional image with serious cracks in the pillars of consumer protection.


How do you define education?

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