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Skillfully Handle Offer Situations by Joining OREA Webinar

OREA’s May Standard Forms Webinar deals with the timely topic of Mastering Offer Situations. The offer process can quickly become complicated and thereafter difficult to navigate, regardless of whether you’re acting on behalf of the seller or the buyer. This is especially true in multiple offer situations, where the unpredictability of the process makes it challenging for REALTORS® to anticipate what will happen next, which can make providing your clients with reliable guidance quite strenuous.

There are many critical components that you need to think about come offer time, for example: information used to draft the offer; the offer presentation process; disclosure in advance of the offer signing; and much more. Knowing what you are required to do by regulation, as well determining what the best practices are for acting with integrity and fairness in all offer situations can make life easier for you and your consumers.

On May 17 at 1 p.m. you are invited to join OREA’s complimentary webinar to get up to speed on:

  • Minimizing risky situations that can arise in the marketplace
  • Being aware of OREA Forms available to assist you with regulatory compliance
  • Having knowledge of Forms available to help you achieve clarity and credibility in your trade file
  • Additional OREA Forms, for everyone’s risk and liability reduction in offer situations

Register now to get your login details. By registering you will also automatically receive a link to the webinar recording within two weeks of the event, even if you are unable to participate in the live webinar. To see a list of additional upcoming webinars, please visit OREA’s website.

All OREA Standard Forms webinars and related resources are for OREA members only. To access the webinar recordings and forms resources you must be registered with a brokerage that is a member of Organized Real Estate, which includes OREA membership

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