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Social Media – Be Yourself and Professional

Be professional on social media

Last week’s Eastern Area meeting was a great meeting of the minds. We had a very robust discussion on a number of topics. I think that the key take away for me was how prevalent social media has become in our industry. Many of our key board leaders expressed concern at the rapidly changing world of technology and how do we remind our members to remain professional while still engaging in social media.
It is certainly something that we as Real Estate Professionals need to take into consideration. We should always be mindful of how we engage on Facebook and Twitter. Think about the kinds of things you post, including photos. Let’s face it, social media has also become the place where many consumers search for their real estate agent. We work very hard at promoting ourselves as professionals in the market place…from campaigns sponsored by the Ontario Real Estate Association to the National ad Campaign that is driven by CREA…to the way we conduct our business on a daily basis.
Many agents now a days have a personal Facebook page and a professional Facebook page. Just remember that what ever you do should be tasteful, respectful, professional but most of all you!! Get out there and participate but be forever mindful that we need to work together as REALTORS® to maintain standards and a high level of professionalism at all times. Have fun and tweet away!!

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